Monday, 15 February 2016

The sewing must go on!

I'm currently snuggled up on my sofa with a head full of cold! much to my annoyance!.  I had big plans on Saturday and it all revolved around the plaid coat, yep I had finally made the decision to go ahead with the make and Saturday was the day of no return...... well that was until the lurgy sprung, unannounced, no warning, just full on bunged up, cough, splutters, bulgy eyes and sneezing!!
Now I have to confess I would normally charge full steam ahead, germs and all and get stuck into a sewing project regardless, my philosophy is 'If I ignore it , it will go away', however on this occasion I had a couple of considerations, seam matching with plaid fabric and call me full hardy or foolish I wasn't planning on making a toile.......whaaaat!  Yep you read correctly NO TOILE!, so I erred on the side of caution and reluctantly put it on hold.............. and made a couple of super quick urge satisfying tops instead using Simplicity 1366,  I felt crap but good or is that smug..... I'd won a mini battle with my fog head!

 Ha!...... I know I'm late to the 1366 trend, as per usual, I have to agree with all the other bloggers fans (a couple here and here) of this pattern, it is FAB! I had concerns with how the shape would look on me, I'm a slightly busty gal, boxy fit and no darts = accommodation for another family!! however all my fears were misplaced it's a great shape, not too boxy at all. The fabrics I choose are from my stash, the tribal print is a polyester fine crepe and hangs beautifully and looks rather chic, I did add an additional 2" to the hemline, my crop top days are long gone. The Chambray version is actually a faux denim print on poly cotton, it has a slight stretch which is super comfy to wear, I only added an inch to the hem on this one to avoid it looking like scrubs!...... Oops just noticed it needs a bit of pressing on the neck edge.
All in all this pattern is a useful addition to my wardrobe, I much prefer a woven t-shirt to jersey, a bit more feminine I think, I'm definitely planning more, possibly using some of my hand printed fabrics.

The fog in my head is starting to lift, who knows by the end of the day I may have pieces of plaid waiting patiently to be stitched together...... fingers crossed!

What do you do when you're poorly? do you rest and have duvet days, use the time to look for inspiration and plan new projects or take my approach to sneeze, sputter and sew on?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Housework, Tutorial planning, job hunting and portfolio building!

Sorry to disappoint but this post is not about any of the above apart from the fact they are all interrupting my sewing mojo! I was so enjoying my time out to just sew, I'd lined up all my future makes, patterns included, alas things have slowed down some what, but not before finishing another Delphine skirt in black denim (pic to follow), another Grainline Archer shirt in polka dot chambray.......which I lurrve! It's turned out FAB, if I don't mind saying so!
I did modify the pattern, I added a side detail and made it less slouchy/boyfriend, I have a particular outfit in mind for the spring and in my minds eye it needed to be less slouchy, mind you as I'm virtually wearing 24/7 It's debatable whether it will last until Spring!......... Oh and what about those buttons, aren't they just perfect? I bought them years ago but never used them, fortuitous I think, apart from the fact I needed one more....nuts!

My next project is a winter coat, nothing too heavy, I'm going for cocoon/cozy. The pattern I plumped for is by Waffle patterns, Yuzu raglan coat to be exact, a nice and easy download and a breeze to assemble, I tend to assemble each piece separately where I can, I find it easier to handle that way.

I have to confess this project has been on my dining table for over a week now, I'm just not 100% set on the fabric, It is a gorgeous wool, not very thick but that's fine I can interline if needed. I'm not even sure why I'm deliberating so much, maybe because it is just too safe, I do need more colour in my life! i have a gorgeous cerise pink wool waffle in my stash...... Aaargh!
 I think I may need to squeeze a mini project in and come back to it......Watch this space!
Has anyone out there in blogsewland made anything from Waffle patterns?... I'd love to hear from you.
Happy sewing peeps!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New year sewing frenzy......ahh but will it last?

I've been desperate to get sewing again since June last year, however renovations and decoration took priority, right up to the second week in December, boo! so despite all the prep and prezzie buying for the big day I promised myself a Christmas Day dress and the only day I had free in the end was Christmas eve, so in between the mince pies and meringues I whipped up a.......

 Coco dress! I needed something quick to make, easy to wear, cozy and could be dressed up or down.... this embossed sweat shirting from my market man fits the bill I think. Sewing satisfaction box ticked I embraced the festivities......well until New Years Day when I delved head first into my fabric stash again and settled on some more Sweat shirting and printed Ponte for a couple of Grainline Linden sweat tops.

 Excuse the picture quality, they were taken on my mobile, I love, love, love them, the grey top is long and slouchy....perfect for those sloth days, the black and white ponte is shorter and slightly fitted. No sure why I've never sewed with any jersey type fabric before now and boy have I missed out! I loved the pattern so much I decided I couldn't live without another......

this time in some cotton jersey from my stash........ Of course I couldn't stop there, next up  on my list was a skirt and some trousers. So now the band wagon has well and truly left I delved into  Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes,  The Delphine skirt was my make of choice, made from a printed cotton sateen, easy to make and a comfortable length, love it!

Ok so I know plaid is so last year but I've had this fabric for about 5 years so thought it would be perfect to use for a second toile, I used Sew Over It's Ultimate trousers pattern and guess what, I love them!.... I never was trend conscious! I did make a second pair in a soft denim with added rear pockets, the vast expanse of plain fabric across my derriere is not a good look!

By the second week in Jan the need to sew had reached addictive proportions, flicking through  Love at First Stitch I plumped for a Megan dress in a polyester plaid....yes plaid again, another stash buster, in fact this fabric was destined for the 'sell your stash' pile, but I'm glad I kept it, it's turned out great.

Despite the fact I've been sewing for years and consider myself a experienced sewer I love a quick, simple sew, perfect scratch for that itch!
 Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The creative juices have been seriously flowin....

honest! I have been soooo busy, as per usual I've signed up/ added to the current projects on my craft table, but I have to say along with the gym they have kept me sane! I have sewn 2 dresses, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 tops....completed module 2 of ASPD , completed the intermediate summer school , designed and made samples for travel journals but the project that has really had an impact is the self initiated July sketchbook challenge. 

 My aim was to complete a page-a-day using any medium to hand......

But most of all I wanted to experiment and force myself out of my comfort zone....

 For me the ASPD classes have been a life changer, it has given me the skills and know how to confidently venture into the world of surface pattern design (although I have 1 more module to go)
but the one thing i have struggled with is..........

 finding my signature style, hence the self initiated sketchbook challenge, looked around and found inspiration from other designers, fashion, shop displays, holidays and the dark recesses of my mind.

Did I find my signature style? I'm still not sure at this stage, but I have to say it has been a inspiring, relaxing, eye opening...and most of all FUN! I'm definitely going to continue...... daily?  maybe not, but I will keep going, who knows where it will lead.

Take care!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mr D a tent and me!

Right now I am feeling pretty chilled out, Mr D and I sold up Gloria our beloved folding camper, i'm really sad to see her go.... we had many fantastic outings in her with our boys, but alas she had to go.  We have sold her to a lovely family who will treasure her I'm sure and have as much fun as we did!
So now we have gone backwards and purchased a new tent........... for two! yes two, no children or I should say young men (they are 17,22 & 24 after all)' allowed!
  It has been at least 12 years since we camped in a ten, I had completely forgot about all the paraphernalia you want to, have to, need to take with you!, we had so much kit we couldn't load all of it into Dirty Gertie my fiat 500, yeh I know very optimistic to think it would all fit but that's me all over....... mind you I'm not talking about luxuries here either ( not unless you're Bear Grylls ) as I decided I couldn't go without my bed, bedding, clothes or our  40ltr cooler/seat we made a quick dash to a reasonably priced car hire co. and within 2 hours the holiday was afoot! huzzah!
As it was our first outing in our lovely tent we decided not to go too far and stayed Mon - Sat, which gave us enough time to decide what we did and didn't need ( yeh right, that's what he thinks).

Top of my agenda was a comfy bed, I have to say it was better than my bed at home, Mr D preferred a SI mat on the floor, completely ruined my styling ( yeh I know we're camping not styling for House and Homes), however as I didn't want to holiday with mr 'I didn't get a wink of sleep' grumpy I conceded.

The outside of the tent didn't get away though, I thought the Solar fairy light were a lovely touch, they made the tent look romantic......... and of course helped with night time navigation.

So after setting up I think we deserved a drinky or too! ;) hmmmmmm!

The rest of the week consisted of Woodland Walks..........

Visit to a beautiful garden...........

A bit of reading...........two books each!

A day trip to the seaside for fish n chips and icecreams......................Yay!

And a round of pitch n putt thrown in for good measure!...........oh and I was thoroughly thrashed!...

.....maybe I should have insisted he slept on an uncomfortable bed?

Bye for now, busy working on some sewing and tutorial projects, pop by again soon lovelies!

Hay x

Monday, 4 May 2015

You'll have to fend for yourselves boys I'm sewing!!

You know how it is, you make a garment that's quick to sew, flattering on and....comfy! so what d'ya do?............make more of course! I loved the Simplicity 1969 top I wore on day 2 of the Me Made May 15 so much I decided to run up another two.  it really is super quick, 90mins from laying the fabric out to finishing the hem. I've had the pattern for about 3 years and only paid 40p as it was discontinued stock and had no outer packaging, only the pattern and instructions. I'm really not sure why it took me so long to give it a go, may be I couldn't see many others on the web to inspire me?

The blue fabric is another market find, its a gorgeous soft cotton which had a perfect drape and like the black floral only used 99p worth of fabric bought from my local market, an absolute bargain i'd say, no turning your noses up folks believe me when I say the quality of both cloths is excellent!

The black and white stripe fabric was a charity shop find, it had a nice crispness to it, you can most probably see I added a kimono sleeve modification and I have to say I love it, I do have plans for another but I may extend the bat wing rather than add the extra piece and have gathers at the front rather than pleats. I have to say this pattern really does need to be made in the right fabric:
  • Your fabric must have good drape, ie viscose, soft cottons.
  • No stiff fabrics allowed, poly cottons and quilting cotton will not do, your pleats and gathers will be too bulky.
  • You can probably make it in a thin jersey if you prefer a stretch garment.

As I now have the bug again and spare time off course I shall get back to my machine!
Speak to you soon!
Ta ta!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Where did the time go?

Time really does fly when your having fun doesn't it? since my last post I've been furiously making more journals for an event (which happened last week ) and getting waaay! behind with my course work, I was starting to worry, however I managed to hammer out several tasks over three pretty intensive days earlier this week and caught up so panic over yay! 

  I also managed to whip up a new gym bag from some printed boardies fabric I purchased several years ago from a fab shop in Hawaii, it's totally waterproof yet soft enough to squash down, for the lining I decided on a bright orange nylon, perfect for taking into the showers at the gym.

So its day 2 of Me made May 15,  oh did I forget to blog about my pledge?  whooops! Yep I've jumped onto the bandwagon and joined in with all the other pledgers' around the globe! ............So here it goes "I pledge to wear a self-stitched or refashioned garments or accessory at least 5 days out of 7 for the duration of May 2015", Hmmm that feels good! I needed the challenge to force me to wear more than just my me made pj bottoms. 

Day 1 I wore my delightful kimono jacket, pointless saving it for dressing up for a night out, I may have to make a cute white button-up-to-the-collar shirt to go with it.
Here we are on Day 2 and I am wearing a top made from Simplicity 1969, its made out of a printed viscose which, if I don't mind saying so has a fantastic drape. I love this pattern, the pleats make it a little more interesting and I love a v neck, way more flattering on me than a round one. 


PS.I am also using the pledge to force me to finish sewing garments I cut out and are languishing in a basket some place.